Environment and Safety

This protected domain is immersed in the lush and verdant scenery of a uniquely beautiful tropical site.

The village spreads out in a peaceful haven on the left bank of Tombeau river, overlooking a stretch of smooth water that is lined with mangrove trees and continuously fed by multiple underground springs.
At the river’s mouth, a waterway that is navigable all year round makes Port Chambly a truly excellent site for boating. Between the mangrove trees (a protected species) and coconut palms, paved footpaths and small bridges connect the residential quarters.

Leaving from the quays of Port Chambly aboard a small craft, let yourself glide along the water and in a matter of minutes, land on the beach of Le Goulet, which lies on the opposite bank of the estuary.
A two-kilometre stone wall encircles the village and a closed circuit video security system, as well as a team of specialists, ensures the safety of the domain.

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